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April 23, 2008



[pssssttt....blame the redhead]


BUM. Feel better... :)
it was so cool meeting you guys, wish we'd had more time.
your daughter is THE ham. Man what a laugh she has!


Was this the maiden voyage to mother disney?

Our kids had a blast the first time we took them. We miss you at SoapEscape Tink!


just delurking to plead for updates!!!

Wendy O

Hope the sickness didn't take you out for good!

Lorraine Stahursky

Hey E & K! Is that what y'all are calling yourselves? M is absolutely adorable! I came across the link to your blog on our old email account I don't use really anymore.

How the heck are things up there is CT in Stratford in our old neighborhood. I heard our house got robbed. Is that true?

I guess I have to read your blog to get the updates on you. I see you are making renovations on your house. I don't see any 2008 stuff recenlty. Well, April. I'll look.

Hope all is well. your old neighbor and classmate, Lorraine (of Lorraine & Jeff Stahursky, Mercer Street, Stratford.)

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