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February 04, 2008



Now with 50% more Patrick. Ha! That made me spew my coffee all over the keyboard. Merry Happy Whatever Day to the Fling Poo family.


I confess...that was the Baum that said that silly phrase. It will go to his head now I'm sure.


Also there should be a wee moment of silence for Patrick who is now semi-blind. In a twisting and spinning torture session set over the course of several days. M twisted his antennae off. Maybe we should get him a seeing-eye-maggot. hmm...have to look into that.


Happy MNGHGXT Day to you too!


glad to have found you again after my computer crashed, alison
sent the link for me (i'm the one who called M an "artiste" in your
last post).

it was so great meeting you guys and your daughter is SUCH a ham.

email me (link on my site) so I can send along some pics for you!

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