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January 26, 2008



OMG, did you figure out where she hid the bodies???


I'm sure they are under her dresser. She has taken to shoving things under there recently.

Where the heck did she pick up my brother's childhood method of cleaning is what I want to know?

Auntie M

She will never out grow it - he still hides to clean... Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the effort to make the house look nice. :)


Ah ha! Just in case anyone was thinking I was referring to myself and using my brother as a decoy. heh.

Not to say I wasn't a straight up slob as a kid. I just didn't hide it. (So no need to go into detail mother, besides I'll just edit you.)

Auntie M

Just wait until she starts using your stuff and then "hides it" otherwise known as "puts it away" - and yeh, yeh, don't say that will never happen...

Cute pic - proud of you for letting her paint herself up to the elbows. Any orange on the walls in the style of Jackson?


OMG! It's up to the elbows. :O LOL


She already wears my shoes and "borrows" my jewelry so I think it's too late on the first part.

Nothing on the walls, but the trail of paint on the floor looked like it was going to lead to a body rather than the bathroom.


A girl who doesn't mind getting her hands (or arms) dirty... a true ARTISTE.

Ivy and Dani Marks

Hi there,
Just stopping by to say hello. Your blog is delightful and that photo of your daughter in the red paint, too funny. An artist in the making. Guess we should have several cameras stashed around the house for pics like that.

Have a great holiday season!

Hugs from NJ

The Marks Family

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