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October 07, 2007





Great idea! We did something similar for our boys one Christmas. They had to go on a hunt for their new puppy. It took them an hour and led them to our neighbors across the street. The puppy came out of the back room and they went nuts! Oh - added bonu - our neighbors had the puppy for a month and house trained her! :)



So cool!

atomic mama

What fun! That rules.


A frilly skirt is always needed for a treasure hunt. Excellent idea.



Where have you been Mrs. Robinson?


We think that you should squeeze one more post in before the end of the year.



Hello! My comment has nothing to do with this particular post. I waited too long to respond to your comment on my yogurt cheese post and I wanted to first of all say thanks for visiting my blog, and second of all- your method of draining the yogurt sounds really useful but I was having trouble visualizing exactly how it works. So i was wondering if you have any pictures I can look at of the yogurt container set up? If not, the next time you make yogurt cheese, would you do a post on it and be sure to remind to come and see?

Your girl is cute! (I especially love her ensemble!)

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