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September 30, 2007



Great pics.


So I guess Sunday brunch with the Tinks is out of the question. Bummer.


That tongue sticking out, *hehe*, I love it! :D
*eh* Of course she's going to hate you for making her go to chinese class. Suck it up! When she's 15 and muttering 'bitch' under her breath at you, she will hate you for everything. This is just practice. LOL

atomic mama

Cool! Glad it's starting off well. Our local Chinese School will also be on Sundays - 1:30 to 3:00 - and it's a good 40 minutes across town EACH WAY. Yes, I am whining about it a good 3 years in advance!!


You just made me laugh out loud, conjuring up memories from my own past. My parents sent me to Indian school throughout my childhood. I don't know if it really "took" as my appreciation of my culture grew long after I had escaped its clutches. But I love and adore that my parents tried to keep a spark of the old country alive for me and my sister.

Awww M. I've been there girl, I have.

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