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April 07, 2007



That is too cute.


Ummm, 4 posts in 5 days????? Relax woman. You're gonna wear yourself out over there. BTW I have WS washcloths and tea bags for you :)


Is Sam the man losing weight?


I bet one of them HATES that!


Sam isn't loosing weight so much as Oliver is catching up with him. Sam is holding steady about about 17lbs and I think Oliver is at 14 lbs. We need to get them into the vet to know for sure.

They actually love each other to pieces and sleep together almost every night during the colder months. Ridley on the other hand sleeps about two feet away from them. He has no interest in getting in on the love fest.


Aw! So cute! and oh yeah, I miss you Tink!

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