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March 17, 2006



Excellent furbabies, or would the plural form be "furbies" ???
Are they just now emerging from under the bed now that "SHE" has come in live in their home ??? I mean they saw all the stuff accumulating around the house, and they new you were going on a trip, but REALLY woman, couldn't you have just been happy with a Mao snowglobe?
Oh, that's right, they were out, so you had to bring home a Mini-Mao! ( i think I just named my next post!)
HAppy St Paddys - photos of the Irish Chinese girl please!


sorry, should have proofed my post - Knew- not new!
And forgive my p.c. mistake-
I meant to say:
American Irish Chinese girl

whew- it's early!

Riley's Mom

Hehe, kidspeak is the cutest. Every time Riley sees Darth Vader in that Burger King commercial, he yells, "look, Mommy: Star Whores!"

Riley's Mom

Oh, BTW; I notice we have not seen pics of Mahlia WITH the kitties. Are they being a bit standoffish?


Well it is really more that K and I need to be sure to have our hands free in case interference is needed.

There is no cuddling involved at this point, and they have on occasion run for their lives.

Bottom line though, when I'm putting her to bed at night all three of them come into the room to hang out during quite time. Ridley actually will peek into the crib to watch her. He is quite the smitten kitten.



Here....kitty, kitty, kitty.

Is what you'll be hearing very shortly.

Happy, belated at this late hour, St. Patrick's Day!

Suffering from some kind of allergy ick already down here! I'm very whiny!!!!


I've seen Miss M with animals and she "gets it". Lots of love and total respect. That kid is wicked smarrrt! Nice kitties.


Man, your cats are ugly.

I'm kidding. THey're fabulous.

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